Hello world!


I’m dipping my toe in the blogosphere again.

I’m not sure how this will pan out, but last year I made a leetle career change from all-round web manager and editor type to Instructional Designer.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Basically I design eLearning modules that teach Banking Types (mostly) how to use our horribly complicated products to do cool stuff with financial data. When I say “design”, I mean that I write the scripts, do the storyboarding, and run up the initial screen grabs. Then I pass it on to a developer to turn into something wonderful. Sometimes I’ll try to do something wonderful myself, but more often than not the developers tell me to go and write something while they sort the mess out, and not to touch Flash EVER AGAIN.

Now, it occured to me that I know not-a-lot about eLearning. Most eLearning types appear to be teachers who have made the move into instructional design. There aren’t that many writers out there.

This blog is my attempt to gather sources of good practice, cool gadgets, games and learning aids, and maybe pontificate a bit.

Sometimes I will post pictures of cats. Consider that a warning.


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