Thinking Cap Lab

Learning Management Systems

Hmmm…I’ve found an online “lab” of instructional design. Let’s see how this works out.

Thinking Cap Lab

Well, it seems to be connected to some LMS software called Thinking Cap. I tried to access Thinking, but the opening video was taking so long to load that I gave up.

We’ve  just put a major LMS project on ice: it was over-specified and it took about ten minutes to tag and upload a single module to the staging server, let alone test the thing and load it to the live server. Bearing in mind we already have nearly 200 modules after only one year of operation, that’s a whole lot of time for one highly-expensive ID to sit at a desk clicking a mouse and waiting for taxonomy lists to load.

So, what should a good LMS have?


One thought on “Thinking Cap Lab

  1. The Thinking Cap site has been updated and no more long videos on the site, btu instead useful product information.

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