RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms « RSA Comment

Good ways to learn stuff, Mmm...nice.


I absolutely love these.

The Royal Society of Arts is an education charity, best known by people of a certain age for running typing and shorthand qualifications (I have an RSA Stage II in Typing, don’t you know).

They also run a series of free lectures and seminars on various cultural issues. The speakers are usually prominent in their fields: the likes of Slavoj Zizek and Sir Ken Robinson have all delivered lectures in the past few months.

The RSA blog also has a series of ten minute animations based on their lectures. The method is deceptively simple stop-frame animation of somebody drawing an…hmmm…I don’t know…infographic? as the lecturer speaks.  The combination of text, audio and images complements the lecture beautifully, and really keeps you engaged with the arguments.

All done with a microphone, a camera and a couple of felt-tips.


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