Sew Mama Sew

Good ways to learn stuff, Interactvity tips and ideas, Mmm...nice.

From Sew Mama Sew website

One of my (recently taken up) hobbies is sewing. My mother’s family are all sewing demons, and I resisted the bug as long as possible.

I’ve never been able to learn from my mother (too impatient), so  I’m very interested in how people teach sewing skills without shouting.

The trouble with teaching sewing remotely is that you can’t get your hands on the fabric;  you can’t hold the fabric in your hands, try something, demonstrate a screw-up, show people where you went wrong, and how to get out of it.

Video tutorials are one way of working, but they go too fast, and it’s hard to pause and go  back over things you don’t understand.

So far, the best thing I have found have been illustrated tutorials like this one.

The tutor goes through every stage, with illustrations.

More importantly, she uses high-contrast fabrics, simple shapes, and clear photographs. Now…where can I find me some fusible webbing?

The next step, I suppose, would be an interactive session, where you post your efforts and ask questions…


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