QR Codes – eLearning Blog Dont Waste Your Time

QR Codes – eLearning Blog Dont Waste Your Time.

I’ve seen QR codes, but didn’t know what they were, or what you did with them.

This very helpful blogpost pulls together a bunch of links and resources on QR codes, where to find a QR code reader, and their uses in education.

We’re still exploring the possibilities for making our modules available for mobile users (the iPhone doesn’t play Flash, which kind of hampers our activity in this area), but this could be useful in future.


Qualia Soup

I really really like this You Tube channel run by an artist and secular humanist who uses animation and graphics to explain controversial scientific issues clearly and unambiguously.

I particularly like this overview of Evolution that demolishes many creationist arguments in under 10 minutes.

Qualia Soup has a lovely, slightly sardonic tone that manages not to tip over into sarcasm. His essay on the problems of “proving” paranormal activity with anecdotal evidence is a masterpiece.