It’s January

What I do

..time for my annual eLearning blog update.


LEGO!!! In a stock pic!!!

The past year has been busy. I’ve discovered a fantastic new content creation tool and built a number of courses using it during my three-month stint at Learning Pool. I was a bit cautious about Adapt at first, since it was decidedly more basic than Captivate or Flash. You have a limited set of template options which you combine to create course pages. But the templates cover all of the basic eLearning interactions (click to reveals, card flips, videos, hotspots etc), so whatever limitations you might encounter in terms of interactivity are cancelled out by the sheer ease of putting a course together. And on top of that, you don’t have to completely redevelop the same content for mobile because it’s all written in HTML5. Good eh?

I moved to Kaplan Financial in June 2015 and am working with them on a one year contract. It’s another change of content approach, looking at professional development from a slightly more academic standpoint. These aren’t one-day or two-week courses, but far more academically rigorous professional qualifications. So, slightly drier than the usual eLearning topics, but in some ways far more interesting. I mean, how do you make changes to inheritance tax laws educational and interesting? We’re hoping to do some really interesting video work over the next few months, so I’ve got plenty to get my teeth into.