About this blog (and me)

I’m Sarah Slade, and I’m an instructional designer, technical writer and editor.

This blog is a jotter for things that I find around the internet; notes on good practice, and occasionally I’ll test new software. It also contains my portfolio (such as it is). I’ll link to things that I’ve worked on and show off storyboards etc.

I’m working as an instructional designer for Thomson Reuters. Before going freelance, I worked at Kaplan Financial and QA Training as an Instructional Designer, managing projects, writing storyboards and doing lots and lots of quality control. And before QA I was an instructional designer at Thomson Reuters, specialising in systems training, so I’ve sort of come full circle in two years.

I come from a journalism and web management background rather than a strictly pedagogic one – though my mother designed learning materials for the now defunct Inner London Education Authority. For me instructional design and good writing and editing overlap. It doesn’t matter how whizzy your graphics are, or how interactive your course is, if it’s badly written or sloppily constructed, it won’t work as a learning experience.


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