Learning Technologies 2019

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I may actually get to Learning Technologies 2019 this year. Usually I plan to go and then get sucked into to some project-related madness at the last minute, but this year… oh yes.

One of the reasons is that I’ve decided to go back to what my boss calls “grad school” – which always sounds odd when it’s referring to the Open University. From February 4th I’ll be studying for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Technology Enhanced Learning. I’ll be building a MOOC, investigating citizen science, looking at different ways to learn online or using technology in some way and all kinds of magical stuff.

I have a blog space at the university, but I think I’ll run my notes etc on this blog, just to keep everything in one place.

Because nothing says ‘learning technology’ like a pair of specs and a pen, eh folks?

Checking in and going back

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This, apparently is a “Happy businesswoman”…

Yeah…so, about a week after I wrote that last blogpost, I had an interview with my old mates at Thomson Reuters. There was an opening for a role that was fairly similar to my old role from years ago, but with a new boss, new structure, and working on a knotty project that would require me to come up with some really creative learning solutions.


Oh, and a bit more money.

It turned out that I had missed the old place; the temperamental kettle taps, the meetings about meetings, the orange…so much orange… So, I’ve been back at Thomson Reuters for several months now. I’ve got more creative freedom and a bit less responsibility – in fact I’ve been told to be less intense.

So there you go, that’s the career update. But I wanted to show this:


It’s a video showing how to create an origami flower. I like origami. But I really just wanted to note how they use overlays and non-verbal cues to instruct the user on creating a very complicated paper flower.  The music is…well..it reminds you that you’ve still got a video running.

It made me think, how could you do it better?

Could you, say, add a menu, so you can go back to cue points and re-run sections on folds. Perhaps a bit of navigation? Does it really need that music?