Customer Answer Zone

I was part of the implementation team for the Customer Answer Zone. My role involved analysing existing content on the legacy system (around 20,000 FAQs on various technical and content issues) and working with product teams to edit and reclassify the data for the new knowledge base, Customer Answer Zone.

I was also involved in UAT, Alpha and Beta testing of the tool prior to release, and devising the online training programme.

Managed the creation of online eLearning modules for FAQ Knowledge base with third-party developers. These modules were integrated into blended training programmes for new support centre staff.

Customer Answer Zone eLearning

Customer Answer Zone eLearning

  • Script editing
  • Review process with stakeholders and users in several support and training teams
  • Change management
  • Image/walkthrough generation (using Adobe Captivate)

Represented the Customer Answer Zone team on various content-related boards at Thomson Reuters; answering questions and contributing towards policies on company-wide style guides, taxonomy and other documentation issues.

I also wrote internal release notes, managed the internal promotion of the tool with the Thomson Reuters internal comms team, devising competitions and incentive schemes to promote usage among support staff.


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