Learning Pool

After leaving QA I took on a three-month contract with Learning Pool, a Derry-based eLearningpool-conflict resolutionLearning company that uses a network of instructional designers, graphic designers and developers distributed around the UK and Ireland to create a bespoke eLearning, mainly for clients in publicly-funded services, such as local government or healthcare.

It was also an opportunity to learn how to develop courses using Adapt Builder, a web-based development tool that creates courses for mobile and desktop web browsers. Adapt is great for rapid development. You can build a course using the preset templates, add interactions, quiz questions and guide images: within a day or so you have a working prototype to demo to the client, send for review, or hand over to the graphics team for final polishing.

Learning pool workplace conflict

I used Adapt to build or repurpose a number of courses for the Learning Pool catalogue.

I also scripted a course on Conflict Resolution for an audience of health service workers. I took a scenario-based approach and devised a number of scenarios and knowledge checks that demonstrated the correct way to deal with conflict situations in the workplace. While the audience was mainly healthcare workers, I had to bear in mind that the course needed to be easily repurposed for any workplace.

Working in Adapt Builder meant that I could develop the course to prototype level without having to rely on third-party developers. However, I did still have to write a storyboard for approval by the client. Once the storyboard had been approved, it was my responsibility to source photographs and other assets. If a bespoke image or multimedia asset was required, I had to create an asset and character list to help guide the graphic designers and illustrators.


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