Leeds City Council: Understanding Information and Technology (2014)

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Working for Leeds City Council, this was part of a wider cultural change campaign to promote the work of the Council’s IT Services team and encourage managers to follow a standardised  process for commissioning and managing new IT projects.

Leeds3The client had come up with an idea of dramatising the project management process for commissioning new IT projects, using a fly-on-the-wall technique to ‘follow’ managers through the whole procedure, from the initial idea to the post-project review.

There were cost and time limitations on this idea, however, so we came up with a blended e-Learning approach that combined a our templated e-learning with video. This made the learning experience more interactive and engaging.


The story centred around Ravi, a council manager who wanted to buy a software package to help manage his vehicle fleet. Ravi meets Fred,the IT business manager, who guides him through the purchasing process, explaining each stage, and answering Ravi’s questions along the way.

The tutorial content in each stage is preceded by a meeting between Fred and Ravi at a decision point. Ravi and Fred discuss the issue and Fred explains what Ravi has to do to move the project along. This video is then followed by a series of interactive tutorial screens that reinforce Fred’s points.