Unilever – The Way We Work (2014)


The Way We Work is an interactive e-learning project intended for Unilever managers.

The module’s learning objectives were to provide learners with a comprehensive overview of the company’s European management structure, together with details on reporting lines, functions and the decision making process.

The client provided the content, and asked for a clean, simple look and feel based on Unilever’s unique corporate branding.


Working with our design and development partners, we created a 30 minute module that used animation and interactivity to first provide a Europe-wide view of the Unilever reporting structure, with some facts and figures about the region’s contribution to the various global product categories.

The module then explored the various management functions at Europe and country level, before focusing on the decision-making process at meeting level.


The interactive elements of the module allowed learners to absorb the principal messages and used ‘Dig Deeper’ options to explore extra details.