100 Great Game Based Learning Resources

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Still not certain about the use of gamification, even in my newish job. Certainly our clients like the theory, but when we come down to the actual practice, we seem to find ourselves back on more conventional ground.

What people do seem to like are branching scenarios and role play to help learners get to grips with knotty compliance or legal situations.

Still, nice list.


Thomson Reuters Eikon: Getting Started with Charts


Thomson Reuters Eikon: Getting Started with Charts

A series of short eLearning videos giving users a basic overview of the range of sophisticated charting tools available in our flagship product. This takes on our most recent design changes, and is a step closer to more interaction and workflow-based eLearning. 

Badges?! We don’t need no stinkin’… Oh, wait, maybe we do.

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Badges?! We don’t need no stinkin’… Oh, wait, maybe we do.

So, this blog talks about using badges to display a user’s status in an eLearning community – I suppose like the badges you get when you have donated 10 pints of blood (my dad is about to donate his 50th pint, and I’m pretty sure I’ve used at least three of those donations). I do wonder how that could be used with our clients. We’ve been concentrating on building the library over the past few years, and maybe we need to come up with some ideas about the internal and external learning community: do we need a community of learners in our organisation? What would it contribute?

iBooks authoring tool

Interactvity tips and ideas, Mmm...nice.

This iBooks authoring tool looks like a typical Apple product to me: lovely to look at, easy to use.  However, I started looking at the specs and the review in more detail. I’m not a Mac user, so I can’t comment on its performance, but the scope is rather limited. You don’t seem to be able to edit the file once you have uploaded it to the tool. You can add interactivity and polls, but how do you record the results?

Still, this tool, and the process for publishing to iTunes university look interesting. I need to investigate further.